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Writings for the spiritual development circle

Writing and expressing ones thoughts is an important aspect of the spiritual development cirlce. Although it can seem like a daunting task to begin with, the rewards speak for themselves. The circle format encourages thinking by asking the individual to take one of the writings from the channelled book "The Light in Your Life is Spirit". Each writing is done sequentially starting from the start of the book when the spiritual development circle begins for the first time.

Each week the circle participant reads one of the writings from the book, "The Light in your Life is Spirit". They are then asked to write down their thoughts and feelings about that writing. This aspect of the circle helps to stimulate the participant’s ability to think as well as teaching a broader view of humanity and spirituality.

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Below is an example of a writing from a circle participant who has attended a spiritual development circle for a number of years. The writing was on the soul on page 7 of the book “The light in your life is spirit”. The writing is from the individuals understanding of what they have read and it must be stressed that it is important that circle participants try their best not to compare themselves and their understand with the other circle participants. The writings are to be enjoyed and to encourage spiritual growth.


Tens of thousands of years of human evolution and today we barely understand or even acknowledge the human soul. It is difficult for most people to comprehend something that cannot be physically seen with their own eyes and so feel more comfortable to dismiss the idea of the human soul’s existence into the realms of fantasy. But on the other hand systems of religious faith and belief were created to nurture the belief of the soul and to encourage its growth. But regardless of the belief system acknowledgment of the human soul requires faith, blind faith. It seems rather ironic if not a bad joke that the one thing that matters the most is what we understand the least.

Perhaps to get a better understanding about why the human soul is so important it might be an idea to establish one obvious fact, the human soul aids our evolution. Not just personal evolution but also social locally and globally. The reason the soul has the power to influence the human being is because of its origins, it is not some random piece of floating space energy, far from it. What the soul is, or rather who created it defines the souls purpose more clearly. The soul was created by God and if you consider God as its creator therefore it must have purpose as defined by the universal laws of cause and effect and functionality. So what was the soul created for, what’s its purpose? Why did God make or create this thing that is contained within human beings. I should point out that every creature on earth has a soul albeit in a more limited capacity compared to the human soul.

So why, what purpose does this all serve? Always so many question and such limited answers. The universal purpose is exactly that, its universal and this energy, this soul, is encouraged to grow. And the experiences on earth in human form are to encourage this growth or evolution. Once a certain point of growth has been achieved the soul moves on to other universal experiences that will also encourage its growth.

It all seems rather logical and straight forward but because human beings have freewill, we have the ability to make choices, and it is our capacity to make these choices that affects how we perceive this purpose. Life is and always has been a learning experience and in order for us to learn the obviousness of the soul’s existence is obscured by our physicality, it is only when we see beyond our physical appearance that our life’s true purpose begins to make sense. And it does not seem to be by any accident that our lives are combinations of learning experiences that shape our character and our behavior for better or for worse.

So whether we believe in the human soul or not, it is a constant that is contained within us that has only one purpose and that is to evolve. We take it for granted our own functionality and the obvious fact that we are more than just physical beings. It is with our emotions that reach out and experience the world we live in. And it is the interaction between our emotional experience and its relationship with the soul that provides us with the opportunity to move beyond what we think we are and evolve into what we are, we are creation.

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