Monday, 25 April 2011

Freewill – its meaning

I think that most people would never realize that the ability to chose it in fact a gift. We take it for granted that we make choices and so never really give much thought to the choices we make, since many decisions made on a daily basis are almost automated. But at what point do we actually start paying attention to the choices we make? It is one thing to be aware of the choices we make regarding our career direction or within our family environment but do we really consider the implications of those choices? Do we really think forward enough to consider their impact both positive or negative?

If we think about it making a choices is a creative process which can allow us to lead a more fulfilling life but consider living in an environment where you are surrounded by choices and individuals who make those choices can have an impact on the choices you make. How do we make sense or even begin to make a choice for ourselves? We are faced with opinion after opinion on a daily basis that influence the choices and decisions we make. There is also our past that we must contend with because decisions made, as a child, have a huge impact on how we perceive the world. Consider our emotional reactions to the world we live in and decisions we make according to those emotions. Are our needs healthy and based on living a positive life or are they based on insecurity and devoid of any true understanding?

It is fair to say that despite the more automated aspect of our decision making process the capacity to exercise our freewill is somewhat complex with a huge range of influences. But do we really feel comfortable making choices beyond the scope of understanding? Many people tend to avoid more complex choices due to the impact that they might have on their perception of the world and more importantly how other people perceive them since we all have the basic need to feel a sense of belonging. So fear is yet another important factor that impacts on our decisions making processes.

Our freewill in it's true form is to exercise a creative force and it is our attitude towards this creative force that can determine many an outcome. Having a basic understanding about how powerful our ability to make choices are is a good starting point and also one that is underestimated. But to truly understand its power is to understand how the choices we make impact the life we live. This can bring us to a level of consideration that is beyond our basic needs and begin to direct us towards actually thinking about how we chose to live a person. And it is this choice that can have a truly life changing impact.

How we chose to apply our freewill and how we chose to be creative begins with awareness and it is with our growing awareness that must also begin with a choice because we can chose to be ignorant or to be aware. To be aware does not just happen over night, it begins with understanding and making the choice and taking the time to understand. We can either live our lives trapped within the limitations of our ignorance and exist lacking in any true fulfilment or we can live a life of exploration and enlightenment. This is not to say that living a life of valued existence is an easy task, far from it, as any significant change also involves a shift in attitude and behaviour. It is a process of taking what already exists, examining it and understanding the impact of how any behaviour or attitude has shaped our decision making. It is though this exploration that we can begin to find peace and a sense of belonging that is truly our own. Thus our freewill to chose is truly free.