Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Failure of Logical Recognition in Mankind

Why does mankind fail to recognise obvious errors in logical thinking that are irrational, for example people who do not believe in any form of spiritual force in human existence in life state that their life is a one shot deal with no future beyond. Whereas those who believe in god or other spiritual forces believe a variety of different ideas about this life and the next life or lives.

About 20% believe they can talk to dead relatives and friends, about another 20% believe that the souls of the past can help them solve their problems. The remainder are full of uncertainties and are constantly latching on to the latest idea that gives them comfort. Those who believe in God ask his help occasionally, quite frequently, or frequently, and surprisingly is as high as 95% do so. So the silent majority who do not speak about their beliefs still have the sense to pray or ask for help. Those in the group that firmly believe in the immortality of the soul and the resulting afterlife are fifty percent of the total, and forty percent of these still act and believe they are talking to the dead souls.

As the soul is immortal it is alive, and that applies even though it has passed over when a person dies, so when a person speaks to spirit they are speaking to a live immortal soul. Here on earth you may here a person say of another person that they have an old soul, well what they are referring too is that person has had a higher growth of their essences of love, sensitivity, compassion and understanding than average, and are therefore more mentally developed due to a higher degree of learning in earlier existences.

Since the early existence of man some humans have believed in immortality and this has increased over the centuries until the mid 1950's when the western world went into the mode of “ALL THINGS SCIENTIFIC” and “FREEDOM WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY” this caused a slackening of standards of social behaviour compounded by poor governments who did not understand the consequences of their actions which continues even today.

The blessing of science and technology has continued at a very fast pace along with the attitude that science and medical advances will solve all our problems! The reality is the opposite, large parts of the world are starving due monocultures grown to feed the west. Corruption and greed causing death and destruction, and we even have religious wars being encouraged to keep western industries in business and all of this due to a lack of understanding, poor intellect by leaders, and worst of all the worship of greed, money and corruption. All this will continue the cycle of more starvation and wars.

What I have written in the above paragraph would appear to have little to do logic or spirituality but it is what is causing the destruction of the human race and the humanity so essential to its future. All life is special and yet science cannot tell you how it is alive, yes it can explain how the heart works, or the liver, or the circulation functions, but it cannot tell you what switches life on, and that applies to all life. This fundamental question has still to be answered. Could it be that energy source we call God? All life requires an energy source to switch it on.

Religion and Science have clashed since the dark ages brought about by their emotional and bigoted view of what god stated as right for mankind, all created by leaders who laid down the law according to their view. (Basically they created gods word to suit their own ignorance and bigotry)

Science coming from a background of religious persecution took the stance that mans own ability created the scientific knowledge, not God, further logical proof and repeatability of any work was essential as proof. Again this narrow black and white approach caused its own bigotry and this has led to divisions within the scientific community and has led to that grey area of statistics. Finally, however both sides are beginning to recognise each other’s contribution to humanity. Scientific truth is constantly changing with growing understanding on the positive side, but increasing financial pressure is producing material that does not survive investigation on the negative side.

RELIGIONS which are several thousands in number are a progression from pagan rituals which covered fertility, seasons, appeasment and sacrifice and so on, all mainly based on fear and gods of many kinds, all controlled by a few people in positions of power, and so it is still today. Modern religions follow many versions of gods and goddess or prophets. The introduction of education, television and computers are reducing the number of worshipers at an ever increasing pace, though some religions are turning to the African continent to replace their losses, this is however opening up a gap in the level of religious understanding between the two groups of worshippers.

The main problem with religion is that the material used does not stand up to logical examination and causes emotional trauma and their clergy are too closed minded and self serving protectionists. Here we get people calling themselves religious or spiritual, the latter has become more popular in recent times, but if one looks at many religions they go against the principle of Spiritualism.

SPIRUTULISM is a way of life based on that energy force called God or his many other names; it is based on Love, Sensitivity, Compassion, Understanding, using truth, trust, logic and reasoning. No one on this earth is perfect so one has a lot to learn which will benefit one’s character; it is therefore beneficial to heed your conscience (your soul). Be positive about life, noting that all learning is growth to your character, lastly in this voyage of discovery remember that God gave you free-will, use it wisely, think before you act.

Author: G.A.Thomson

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